Irma Relief

Florida wakes up from a devastating storm, and although many areas are thankful for being spared from the full effects of what a Hurricane can bring, our brothers and sisters in South Florida are struggling to survive after mass flooding, home destruction, and total loss of power. They are in desperate need of help!

As we prepare to celebrate the new year holiday of Rosh Hashanah, so many of our brothers and sisters are miserable, we can’t idle by.

Together, let’s take action.
We are joining efforts with Chabad centers from different cities to lead a relief mission to Naples, FL.

This Sunday, September 17 we will meet at Chabad of Naples and from there we will be sent out to a few different areas that need help desperately.

We will spend the day working to help those in need of cleanup, deliver meals, provide support, and anything else we can offer in their time of need. The mission will provide you with lunch and dinner, and snack.

Thank you for stepping up to take action in this time of need.

There will be buses leaving from Miami and Tampa. Please go to their page, if you would like to commute with them.

If you will be driving on your own, please fill out the form below.

Please RSVP only if you’re serious about joining us.

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